Satellite TV.

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Satellite TV.

Post  503 on Tue Nov 10, 2009 2:19 am

You may find this useful:
I made some enquiries as to whether we could get more than just the 8 rubbish tv channels we get at the moment. The builder would need to make his own cabel TV, so he would need to buy 1 antena and device for every channel then signals from this devices come to one cabel and the private cabel TV is done.

If one wanted ones own satellite with all the channels then it would cost 34.8 Lev a month as one can see from the following link...

Bulsat have an office in Bansko that one can visit. It is opposite the Lion Pub, next to the First Investment Bank and the Strazhite Hotel Bowling entrance. Aparently all the equipment would be free for the above price but one would need heavy occupancy to justify this I think, unless they agree shorter monthly contracts.


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